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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Php FeedWriter Released - Version 3.0 Beta - Universal Feed Generator

Generate Atom 1.0, RSS 2.0 and RSS 1.0 feeds for free using Php.

Php FeedWriter 3.0 beta has been released for download.  The update to the class and functionality builds upon the previous version RSS2Writer v2.1, which limited output to an RSS 2.0 compatible feed only.
Php FeedWriter 3.0 now supports multiple feed formats: Atom 1.0, RSS 2.0, RSS 1.0, RSS 0.92 and RSS 0.91.  Php FeedWriter povides a set of easy to use functions to handle both feed input and output.

New FeedConstruct Class
Php FeedWriter uses a custom "FeedConstruct" class to consttruct a representation of each supported feed output format.  Specific elements that make up part of the XML document for a feed can be added and configured using the FeedConstruct class to control validation and XML output.  This class is used as an  abstraction layer between each feed fomat allowing data to be included in the feed once, but included in any of the output formats that support the data.

Online Documentation
The Php FeedWriter website now provides online documentation supporting the solution.  This includes doucmentation for each of the funtions in the FeedWriter and FeedConstruct class to assist when adding data into the feed, and for cases where you need to change or control how the data is outputted, such as using type "html" instead of "text" for the feed item body.

Instructions for how to install Php FeedWriter on a website for first use are also provided.  Tutorials for using php FeedWriter will be posted to the blog in future, which will also be accessible under the "Additional Resources" heading of the documentation page for a particular function.

A number of sample feed generator scripts have been made available on the Php FeedWriter website to assist with creating a feed.  Samples include single scripts that handle multiple feed formats, as well as preset (fixed) formats.  Both simple and more extensive examples are provided.

Version 3 Beta Release
Version 3.0 of Php FeedWriter has been released as a beta version to allow for more thorough testing to be completed and bugs/issues resolved prior to releasing a "stable" version.  Version 3.0 beta has been successfully tested on a number of platforms to date, so is expected to be close to a "stable release".  If you come accross a bug or unexpected behavior, including descrepencies between a feed generated by Php FeedWriter and the corresponding schema for the feed output format the details can be submitted to the bug Library.  Before submitting a new bug, be sure to browse or search the existing bugs to ensure that someone else hasn't already submitted the same bug.   Enhancements or suggestions for improvement can also be submitted to the Bug Library.

For more information about this release, please see the related post on the Php FeedWriter blog:  Php FeedWriter 3.0 (beta) Released.

Universal Feed Generator
Php FeedWriter can be viewed as a universal feed generator due to the feed format abstraction capabilities.  There are currently a number of different formats supported by Php FeedWriter, which are configured using the FeedConstruct class.

The FeedConstruct class also provides capabilities to be able to easily integrate additional output formats into the solution, or ammend the configuration of one of the existing "Predefined Feed Constructs" for a particular format.

Highly Compatible
The output formats currently supported by Php Feedwriter cover all formats used commonly on websites and by Feed Readers / Aggregators.  This gives you the choice of allowing a more extensive feed to be generated from content on your website using a format such as Atom 1.0, but at the same time allow the feed to be generated in an older format sich as RSS 0.91 to maximise compatibility with feed readers.


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