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Monday, September 5, 2011

DIY SharePoint Marketing Tips & Tools - Do Follow SharePoint Article Libraries

Looking for places to help promote your SharePoint products or website using legitimate means?  In this article I provide information and tips about how you can promote your products or services yourself for free.  The article has a focus on promoting a website relating to SharePoint, but the tips are applicable to any type of product or service being marketing online.  A few websites providing free (Do Follow) SharePoint Article Libraries are also provided.

Submitting articles can be a great way of gaining exposure to your SharePoint website or products, giving you complete control over the quality of content used to market your products.  Don't leave the job to a company who may use unethical or immoral tactics to promote your site.  The people behind these "shady" services will almost never disclose the actual methods used to promote their client's site because they would be putting their own business at risk, or wouldn't be selected as a viable service to assist with online marking at all.  Popular Search Engines are working constantly to eliminate spam and other types of pollution from their search results, so why risk using cheap outsources SEO services who use these methods, that will provide little benefit to you, or in many cases have a negative effect?

If the reputation of your company, website, products and services is important to you, then you need to be very careful about who you choose to market your website when outsourcing.  You will generally get what you pay for, but not in every case.  To help manage or eliminate this risk, there are many things that you can do to promote your own site that keep you in control of the quality of content used to promote your site.

Writing and submitting high quality and useful articles that relate to your company's SharePoint products and services is one method that presents little or no risk.  Each article should be submitted to a website that is relevant to your own to increase it's promotional value.  There are a few key benefits that submitting to a website related to yours will provide:
  1. Readers of your article will be more interested in your website, product or service and much more likely to visit your website as a result of reading the article.
  2. People that stumble across your article when browsing the site are more likely to be interested, not relying on Search Results.
  3. The article and links to your website provide more value and impact in regards to positioning in Search Engines.
Some Other Marketing Tips & Considerations for Article Submission:
  • Writing an article that is high quality and useful on it's own, as well as providing value to the users of the website you submit to is very important.  Following these basic guidelines will almost guarantee that any additional time spent is worth while.
  • If the website you submit to allows links to be included in an article, and if the article page and links are visible and accessible to Search Engines.  In more technical terms, the page displaying your submitted article should be "Indexed" and "Followed".  You can usually assume that if a page does not explicitly provide these instructions to Search Engines that it is both Indexed and Followed (defaults), but there are other less obvious methods to implement equivalent restrictions that you should check for such as the use of a "robots.txt" file.
  • Too many links generally diminishes the overall quality of an article, especially if they are not closely related to the topic covered in the article.
  • Try to select a topic that will allow you to include a descriptive link to your website or product page that adds value to the article.
  • Although it may seem tempting and common, submitting a single article to more than one location on the Internet should be avoided, as it is only creating duplicate content.  Submitting duplications is essentially creating spam regardless of the article quality.  This will reduce the impact on your site that the copies provide and will likely result in the time spent writing and submitting the article being a waste.
As mentioned earlier, the following are a few SharePoint related websites with article libraries that you can use for free.  Articles submitted to these libraries are included in Search Engines, and links to your site are followed (Do Follow).
  • SharePoint Article Library - Provides learning resources for SharePoint Developers, Administrators and End Users.

  • InfoPath & SharePoint Articles - Information to assist with developing solutions in SharePoint, including using technologies such as InfoPath Forms.

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