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Thursday, July 5, 2012

VBScript Web Services / SOAP (References)

The following is a set of resources to help when working with SOAP Web Services from VBScript.  Resources include tutorials, examples and forum threads relating to working with SOAP Web Services via VBScript (VBS).

XML SOAP (Tutorial)
Tutorial explaining how to call SOAP Web Services using a VBScript client, including a sample XML document containing the details of the SOAP request to be sent to the Web Service / Server.

Using SOAP With Classic ASP / VBScript
This tutorial by AdamNThompson demonstrates the use of SOAP Web Services from classic ASP / VBScript with an example that updates an existing record, or adds a new record if one doesn't already exist.

SOAP Example (VBScript)
This article contains example VBScript code to send a SOAP request and get an XML Response.  An XML request is generated and sent to the Web Service.  The response (if successful request) is parsed to extract the value from a specific element within the result XML, which is saved to a text file.

Consuming and using a web service from within VBScript to create a WHOIS tool
This article demostrates how to consume a Web Service using VBScript to create a WHOIS tool.  The WHOIS Web Service in the article is a free public Web Service.

An Introduction To XML SOAP Using ASP and VB6 (5 pages)
Tutorial providing an introduction to working with XML SOAP Web Services using AXP and VB6.

VBScript SOAP - Samples
A range of VBS code samples on PocketSOAP.com for working with XML SOAP from VBScript.
Controlling Array Type Serialization in scripting language
Calling Weblogs.com [XML-RPC]
Calling the Google API
Edgar search
Interop demos
Handling Type mappings
VBScript Stock Quote
Arrays from Scripting
Calling Weblogs.com [SOAP]

Forum Threads/Questions about XML SOAP / Web Service Requests using VBScript

VBScript SOAP Call (Thread)
Simple example requried to assist with getting started with SOAP requests using VBScript.
"You need to create a proxy to use SOAP (Web Services) within VBScript."
User jrv, answered the question by building a simple working example for returning data from a Web Service.

Calling an ASMX web service from VBScript run-time
Issue with formatting of CDATA tag.

Using SOAP with VBScript (Thread)
Question regarding working with SOAP (MSSOAP.SoapClient) from VBScript.  Connection to SOAP is ok, but only 1 line is returned.  Issue in this case relates to character encoding on the XML sent as the SOAP request.

Sending a 'application/soap+xml' SOAP request using Classic ASP (Thread)
Suggestions from multiple users to troubleshoot/resolve a SOAP Request issue ("HTTP 400 Bad Request" error) using Fiddler or SoapUI.

Sending soap over http - .NET (Thread)
Custom Web Service - Querying the custom Web Service using VBScript.
wsdl.exe tool (.NET), SOAP Toolkit (VBScript)



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