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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Web Programming, SEO & SharePoint Resources

Web-Resource.org - SharePoint, Web Programming & SEO Resources

Web-resource.org provide a range of resources from around the web for Web Development & Programming, SharePoint & InfoPath Development and Search Engine Optimisation. Resources have been hand selected by the team at Web-Resource.org, and suggested by users.

Some of the many resources include:

SharePoint & InfoPath Resources

A range of tools and resources are provided by Web-Resource.org for Administering, Designing, Customising and Developing a SharePoint environment. Resources include a range of articles with tips, how to's, tutorials, third party utilities for administering and developing SharePoint. Tutorials are also available to help with InfoPath form development and integration with SharePoint.
SharePoint Design & Customisation resources include tutorials for creating and customising Data View Web Parts to display data from SharePoint lists which is formatted based on metadata values for each list item. This includes the ability to format rows of a task list for example, to set the background or text colour of the task item to a color which represents the priority or amount of time until due. The articles specifically describe how to format tasks based on the due date and other fields. An overdue item can be formatted with a red background and bold text. Items which are due within three days are formatted orange, 1 week: yellow, 1 month: green. When the conditional formatting is combined with sorting and grouping, a Data View can display a large amount of information in a logical and readable format.
SharePoint Administration resources include tips and techniques for configuring SharePoint environments of various sizes, migrating content and configuration databases, tips and techniques to help when troubleshooting errors and issues with a SharePoint environment and much more. Other administrative tips and resources include configuring profile imports for multiple Active Directory domains, installing and registering custom web parts assemblies to be used on Web Part pages.
InfoPath form development resources include tutorials for creating and using Data Connections to lists on SharePoint sites from the InfoPath form. Tips and tutorials to help with the management of form templates and content types in SharePoint are available, including troubleshooting outcomes and information relating to using InfoPath forms as the Interface for SharePoint systems which comprise of many lists, libraries and workflows.
Web-resource.org also provide a section for SharePoint & InfoPath Forums, Blogs and Communities which all contain many resources to help you learn SharePoint and InfoPath. Go to the SharePoint Forums, Blogs & Communities section. Go to the InfoPath Forums, Blogs & Communities section.
View the SharePoint & InfoPath Resources on Web-Resource.org:
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Web Development & Programming Resources

The Web Development & Programming resources section contains useful tools and resources for developing websites and web applications, and using various programming languages to customise and integrate different systems and software. Programming languages include PHP, Web Application Development, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, ASP.NET, XML, VB, .NET Framework and more.
A section for free Php Scripts provided by Web-Resource.org and from around the web. The php scripts provided by Web-Resource.org include a free Php RSS 2 Writer script, which can be used to generate an RSS feed from website or database content. Create your own RSS feeds for your site with php.
Popular Web-Development & Programming Forums, Blogs and Communities are also listed available under the Web Development & Programming Resources section of Web-Resource.org

Other recommended Web Development & Programming sites and resources:

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Resources

Increase traffic to your site by optimising for Search Engines. Web-Resource.org provide a range of tips, tools and resources for getting started with optimising websites for Search Engines. Boost traffic to your website using various link building techniques and tools which are sometime known as offsite optimisation. Information about onsite optimisation tools and techniques for web & search engine marketing is also provided, including SEO & Search Marketing Tips to help improve your site ranking in Search Engines.
Resources include a SEO Forums and Communities section, which provides a list of some of the popular networking sites and tools to help with learning and applying Search Engine Optimisation techniques to a website.

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