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Saturday, May 23, 2009

XML-RPC Blog Ping

I am developing a Php script which uses the Weblog_Pinger class written in php by Rogers Cadenhead. The script currently logs all pings to a MySQL database table, but is controlled using a single php script which calls the ping_ping_o_matic function for each site. I noticed that once more than about 20 sites were being pinged, the script sometimes timed out.

Instead of adjusting settings in php.ini or the web server, I decided to implement the Weblog_Pinger class with a controller which uses a MySQL database to store addresses to servers which support XML-RPC pings. The database will also store details of the blogs / rss feeds being submitted. When commencing the bulk ping, a dialog will allow a selection from the list of blogs / rss feeds, and the "changes url" for each selection to be specified. The php interface will also allow XML-RPC servers and additional blogs or rss feeds to the database.

I am currently trying a few methods of processing the large number of XML-RPC pings without the script timing out. Such as a main php script which calls another script which processes a subset (10 or 15 at a time) of the full list of servers until all have been pinged. Very Clunky.

While searching for an alternative solution I came accross a free and complete Java application which does exactly what I am trying to achieve: Free XML-RPC blog ping site submitter: "Blog Ping", posted by Wayne Horkan. It can ping up to 1000 XML-RPC servers at a time. Documentation supporting the Java application also provides general information regarding Search Engine Optimization (SEO), which is valuable if attempting to increase hits to your blog / site.


  1. I have finished building the XML-RPC blog bing service which currently pings around 50 blog sites and directories. I aim to make it available as a free service from a website being launched early July.

  2. Glad I can help, if your looking for free bulk ping software or tools, WebmasterHub.net now hosts my blog ping tool as a free service for members (also free). Currently around 50 sites are pinged each time a blog or site is submitted. You can also add multiple blogs/sites to your account to be pinged.

    See WebmasterHub.net - Free SEO - Bulk Ping

  3. I should also not that I had limited success when trying to find an efficient method of pinging a large number of servers from a single script. My solution was to create a ping queue which site or blog details are added to when submitted. The queue is then processed by running a separate cron job every five minutes. The queue has been set up as a table in the database which stores the changes URL and the ID (Primary Key) on the blog or site from the sites table in the database. The Php script which processes the ping queue in then called once every 5 minutes to submit queued sites.

    I am currently writing a maintenance script to check each server in the database and remove if no longer active. This is required as the bulk pinger needs to send a ping to each server before the script times out when submitting a site. If a server is delayed or not found, there may not be enough time to process all of the remaining servers. If all servers in the database are active, pinging takes a maximum 15 seconds, allowing all servers to be pinged. Sites URLs are not removed from the ping queue if the script is unable to ping all servers. A site cannot be pinged more than twice in 5 minutes for each server, so any servers remaining will be processed when the script is next run.

    An alternative would be to process the Cron job script (ping queue processor) every minute, but only submit one site or blog each time.

    From a users perspective submitting a site or blog to the bulk pinger is instant (no lengthy delays while the script pings each server). Results will start to be seen on the internet after a maximum of 5 minutes.

    Submit your site for free using this tool, which is now available for free at WebmasterHub.net.

  4. Thank you for good script. I love it.

  5. The php script described above has been successfully implemented and working for a few months now at WebmasterHub.Net - Free SEO.

    The "Bulk Pinger" has since been updated to allow multiple sites/blogs to be added to an account, which can be pinged at the user's discretion.

    Other new features include the ability to select from the categorised Directories to ping, giving full control to users of the service.

    Start using the WebmasterHub.net Bulk Pinger for Free now.

    See also http://www.code-tips.com/2009/08/php-xml-rpc-bulk-ping-sites-and.html for more details about the Bulk Ping service and other SEO tools and resources provided by WebmasterHub.net.

  6. It is really a nice content ... This helps to deal with the bulk ping . I am definitely Going to use the php script dscribed above..


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